Cheap VPS Hosting is Not The Best VPS Hosting

Quite often, people will buy the cheapest VPS hosting thinking that they are receiving the best VPS Hosting. The most inexpensive is many times thought of as the best because you can find webhosting providers that will give a lot of resources for a really low cost. The sad fact is that these “too good to be true” offers are exactly that… Too good to be true. Many of these people will find that the cheap VPS hosting will undergo a lot of downtime, intermittent outages and run unreliably. This is due to those low end box hosts frequently do what is called “overselling”. Overselling is when a low end box Host will sell more hosting plans than they really have resources for, hoping that most of the vps accounts will never use up the server resources that they are given. In a VPS overselling situation, if the sites start using all of the resources, then the server can shut itself down, and none of the virtual private servers are available, causing downtime.

In many cases, the virtual private server hosting company will have an “automatic reboot” script which will restart the host server if it fails. In this situation, you may find that your website may be down for only a few moments, but this might happen very frequently. This is just as awful as the parent server going down for hours!

Sometimes, you may find that a low end box hosting company might be really good, but as a general rule of thumb, those providers aren’t and really need to be steered clear of.

It is good practice to look for virtual private server hosting that has a very reliable track record, and a hosting company that has a long track record as well. Here are some helpful suggestions to look for:

Many positive reviews – Search for “JaguarPC deals” and see how many results you get. You’ll nearly always find users who do vent about the hosting service, but if over 75% of the reviews are good, the company is probably a good bet.

Helpdesk response time – Go to the low end box company’s contact page and ask a question. See how long it takes for them to respond. When they do, ask another question. If both are responded to in under an hour, then the host is probably a good company.

Are the prices decent for the resources provided, or do they seem too high/low? In this situation, you have to find out what VPS hosts are charging for their hosting plans. If you are around of +/- $10 out of ten providers, then you probably aren’t getting ripped off.

These are just my thoughts I hope help you get the right VPS Provider, but these are the most common sensible things to look for when choosing a Cheap VPS Host versus the Best VPS host for the money.

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